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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Formula-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software pertains to manufacturers in process industries such as food and beverage, flavor and fragrances, personal care, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical companies. PLM is a critical part of enterprise operations for product development. Organizations must meticulously plan the entire lifecycle of any product and maintain clear visibility into the item being created or modified throughout this process. To this end, PLM software is a key competitive differentiator for businesses. Knowing which system to invest in, and what, exactly, to look for, in your PLM solution is a critical component to the product development lifecycle.


Aciatix developers have relevant expertise in app deployment to gadgets, servers, and cloud services. We are familiar with such IoT programming technologies as tagging, near-field communications, and Bluetooth connectivity. The solutions delivered by our team allow a flawless data flow between gadgets, devices, the Internet, and the connected apps.